Farm Based Learning

Stories about grain sound better surrounded by grain, and facts about pigs are more relevant if you have just fed the piglets!
Bring another dimension to the work by visiting West Town Farm, Ide or The Barton, Shillingford. Both are working farms offering farm visits and I can facilitate, enhance and lead visits at these locations.

Pre-visit inputs use
  • video and images to introduce the farms
  • email and live chat to ask questions about what is happening on the farms
  • mindmapping to explore the understanding that a group has
Visits can involve
  • practical and creative activities based on farming practices and environmental exploration
  • storytelling and storymaking using the surroundings as a inspiration
  • recording observations digitally Look here for a whole gallery of orchard images!
  • developing themes of healthy eating, staying safe, contributing to the life of the farm and the achievement of real things



Kenton Primary School said...

The combined elements of our day worked very well together and provided a good balance of times to listen, be practical with vegetables and expend energy by exploring and being free.

Ellen Tinkham School said...

It was a fantastic sensory experience for our young people and they all had a great time and got so much out of it.