Little People

Another round of feedback has suggested that more colour is needed on this site and more mention of fun! I think I have tended to quite school based in my descriptions which for the Children's Centre and Play based groups might be a little serious. It is not as easy as it looks writing this!

I have added blue into the scheme which I am quite pleased with. The starting point for this was catching Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men on the bookshelf. There  are hoards of little blue folk causing merry havoc throughout the story which made me think about having some pixies wandering through this site. As my original logo for Puck's Puppets was an oak leaf clad Robin Goodfellow type character  I thought it would be good to bring this theme back. I have started working with Inkscape, an open source vector graphic peice of software to create them. It is very effective with an array of options that I am slowly working out what to do things with. The beauty of being able to work on just part of a design and then combine with other parts is great.
Here are my first creations. I am not quite sure where they are going to appear yet or indeed if I trust them to behave themselves.