Wow! Woodcraft Folk Stories!

I had the pleasure and privilage of working with a group of Woodcraft Folk Venturers this evening. They were a group of bright and aware individuals who had expressed an interest in storytelling. We explored some introductions to telling and I wondered whether we would produce some telling of complete stories. What appeared was so much better than I had imagined. There was Sleeping Beauty told by the misunderstood Wicked Fairy, the Gingerbread House Witch remembering her death in the oven, a wolf war veteran dragging himself between the little pig's houses and Goldilocks told by a forest wolf, a cottage door, some hot porridge, a bed and a chair! The groups used a whole range of presentation techniques and developed their tales within a 5 minute deadline. It was a joy to facilitate and set me thinking about what a group of young storytellers could develop and the skills they wwould need along the way. Campfire stories, podcast stories, stories to take a visiting! There is a lot that could happen. I wonder if it will? Set me thinking about what different aspects of storytelling could be covered in such a project. Back later on that!