Magic Shadows

It had been a long time since I had worked with shadow puppets. West Town Farm's Winter Fayre seemed a good time to return. There is something so simple but so mysteriously powerful in the way that card, sticks, screen and light can bring your imagination out into the world. The screen was hung in the yurt and backlit with a soft light. Then, working on straw bales with rain pattering on the barn roof, people made puppets ... apples, horses, falcons, wizards and ... more! Here are some pictures!


megan said…
Some great shadow puppets :) and a great way to create ever changing stories and ideas. I especially like the mans hat! Looks like a lot of fun and imaginative play was had!
The puppets were fantastic! The whole family seemed to get involved and really enjoyed it. It was such a simple yet effective idea and Kevin you always give over and beyond a 100% making the experience special and personal. You all looked like one big family creating magic in the yurt. The Batman Pig was the most impressive for me!