1000 Clay Cows

This is an exciting new project linking clay dug from the farm, cows, storytelling and sculpture. It is being carried out in partnership with organicARTS and West Town Farm.

We are looking to create a field of 1000 clay cows for Devon Open Studios in September. Any similarity to Gormley's Field for the British Isles is purely intentional!!  Along with ceramic artist Lucy Rockliffe I am working on a mix of cow related storytelling from different cultures along with observation of real cows at the farm, digging up of clay from the meadow and creation of clay cow sculptures to take part in the Field of Cows.

This is connected to some earlier storytelling done last year. A clay session with Year Ones from Newtown Primary can be seen here.

These images come from a session with St David's Primary. I love the engagement between field, cows and calves, observant children and clay. This is true fieldwork!


Exeter Home Education said…
We really enjoyed the story walk - the combination is great. The process of the clay from ground to art was great. Thank you for a well organised and enjoyable day.