Badger Tales!

A chance conversation with a teacher about a farm visit led to this project! Set in the red earth of the old railway cutting at West Town a mix of storytelling, drama, word play and environmental explorations and artworks will lead groups into the nocturnal world of Brock the Badger. Gill. the teacher, mentioned that her 7 year olds were writing about nocturnal creatures as part of their Literacy SATs. I wondered whether any other schools would like to explore Badger Tales as more sessions make it easier to justify a longer preparation time. The result was a series of sessions with over 200 children exploring the nocturnal world of the badger.

What the teachers said ....

Thank you so much for today. Everyone really enjoyed it. I have learnt so much about the badger. Your enthusiasm and excellent story telling skills make it a joy to listen to you! Ruth Briscoe St Davids Primary

Badger Tales and Mind Maps


Click here to view the latest version of the map

This is a mind map based on Badger Tales. I have used MindMeister to create the map and generate the image file. If you would like to edit the map with your own badger facts then follow these simple steps

  • visit and sign up for a free account

  • email me at and introduce yourself

  • I will add you as someone with shared access

  • Log in and add your ideas!!

  • Easy!! If you would like to embed the map on your own website, maybe a school site to support writing and research, then email me for the code.

    I am trialling the use of MindMeister as it seems to be very straightforward and easy to use. The process of sharing and editing mindmaps has a lot of potential and I would be very interested in your feedback.