Halloween Tales in Newtown

Shadow puppets and tales of overcoming fear!
Sometimes entering chaos can lead to interesting tales. There were more people at this community event than expected. Straight into shadow puppet making and then tell a story with the puppets. The story? Well create it as we go along of course. Some great sound effects from the audience made all the difference. Thanks to Newtown Community Association for inviting me!

Community scale celebrations are vital to sustaining the quality and fabric of where and how we live. Faces become individuals, places become alive and it is fun! The interesting thing with the work I do is meeting people in different contexts. The family exploring the farm becomes the child in school becomes the shopper on the Love Local Food van and the world I live in becomes a little bit more threaded together.


Duncan J said…
There is one thing I am of no doubt bout though and that is what a wonderful job you did. Every time I went into the room where you were performing I was struck by how you had all those young ghouls and witches spellbound. If their eyes had grown any wider they would have dropped out.