loving local food in a barn!

What started as a cost effective way to run Carousel@West Town Farm ended up as a celebration of local food and shared cooking. The Devon Carousel Project is exploring work with families and young children in Devon as a collaboration of artists and centres. The session at West Town Farm was a chance to make links and develop ideas with everyone involved. Thirty people needed feeding as part of this. Solution .. provide a large box of Shillingford vegetables and other yummy local food, an open fire and a crate of cooking stuff! Lots of shared choppings and mixings later and there was a feast. Salads and cumin summer stew, courgette pancakes and devon cheeses and more. Now the food was great but the creation of it better. Far better than the standard getting to know each other team challenges is when you are following your taste buds. I think this is going to be a way of working to explore.

Carousel @ West Town Farm from Workshops n' Docs on Vimeo.