new birth and grumbling badgers

The last of whole year of visits with West Exe Nursery. Exploring the farm with children for whom farm explorations were often not what they had done lots of. There have been a whole range of key experiences. This time discovering a newly born calf was a beautiful moment of stillness. We had looked at Tom's mural of mother and baby before turning the corner and having day old calf watching with curiousity the curious fascination of both children and parents.
Balancing this through contrast was a charge of grumbling badgers down the railway cutting. Face painted, claw fingered and swag bag bums swaying as we charged along past the excavations of real badgers who were doubtless deep in the underground fastness of the set wondering in badger dreams what all the noise was about!
And where is all of this going? Take the breadth of 2 hours on the farm and families have challenges and senses and imaginings to share and remember. I am looking at the toolkit I use now. There is a range of activities and stories embedded around the trail we use most often. I want to extend this both in the knowledge I have and the delivery I use. Great fun!